About me

Who I am??

-My name is Amanda Praise Uba
-Abba is my life, I literally can't function without Him......literally!!
-The reason I started this blog?...Abba told me to
-I love studying the bible, Jesus speaks, inspires, reveals life through it to me
-I am passionate about reading and listening to christian relationship messages....My favourite teachers are Dr. Myles Munroe and Pastor Bimbo Odukoya, may their blessed souls rest in perfect peace with Abba, our Father. I love Joyce Meyer too!
-I LOVE poetry
-I am a psycology student, I wanted to study dentistry initially but Abba told me to study pyscology, to prepare and lead me into what He has called me to do
-What I love doing?...Praising and worshipping Abba. I mean the 24 elders in heaven give praises to Him 24/7, so why not join them:)
-I am 21 years this year
-I love godly friendships..being one in the body of Christ is amazing
-The best thing anyone has done for me?...........Weeelll,dying for me on the cross. Jesus did that for me. He gave up everything, all His majesty and thought of you and me. When they spat on Him, He didn't stop, when the lashed Him with whips with torns for our sake, He didn't stop, when they mocked Him and insulted Him, He didn't stop either. He kept on going knowing what He was giving freely for us, victory against satan and he devices, direct access to God the Father.....He kept on going till He reached Calvary. A shepherd laid down His life for His sheep. He thought of you and me...what manner of love is that! He is my life and the air I breath. When you encounter Him, you will never thirst again. His love fills what no money, no riches, no ideal carreers or random boyfriends could ever fill. He loves you, He is waiting for you, He is knocking on your door....please let Him in, open that door. He is in love with you and can't wait to show you how much!

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